4 Reasons You Should Seek Upholstery Services For Your Furniture After Every Few Years

Posted on: 15 June 2015

Upholstery is the process of changing and upgrading the deteriorating parts of furniture (mostly seats and couches). This includes the foam padding, the spring suspension for the seats, webbing for the back rests and the top fabric as well. Every few years you should seek an upholstery service in an effort to restore your furniture. This can go a long way in saving you money as well as keeping your home cleaner, healthier and well presented. Read on to see how.

Your seats have aged due to wear

From the moment you bring your new seat home, its starts to experience wear and will continue to do so every day. With time, the frame gets stressed, the spring work gets loose and the padding wears thinner. All this affects the comfort levels of your seat greatly. On the surface, the top fabric/leather experiences the most wear. It may get torn, crack (leather), get burnt or develop a loose-fitting. Through seat upholstery, you can easily reverse all this by replacing the fabric, supports and padding of your seat.

Your seat covers are dirty after years of use

Even where your seats are not damaged or used so much, they will still experience deterioration in terms of dirt. Seats collect a lot of dirt when in use; e.g. sweat, saliva, food, urine or beverage stains. Even when not in use, seats still accumulate dirt in terms of dust, hairs, fibers, pollen, pet fur and other materials. Through upholstery, you get to remove the dirty fabric and padding and replace them with fresh material. This guarantees you a clean seat that is hygienic for whole family use.

Your design tastes have changed too

Over time, your tastes will change. What may have once been an adorable seat in your eyes may not be so enticing anymore. Your seat may also not match with your new house or the newly-painted walls. Upholstery gives you a quick and easy way to solve this. You get to choose a new fabric that brings out your decor style. With access to lots of choices, you are guaranteed to get a fabric with the correct colors, patterns, texture and thickness you need.

Upholstery is much cheaper than buying new

And lastly, why buy new seats when you can simply upholster them? A complete upholstery service will transform your seats entirely – inside and out. You get a whole new seat without really buying a new seat. As long as your seat frame is not dilapidated, it can do with an upholstery service. By doing so, you save yourself a lot of money and retain the great quality seat you've always had.

Talk to a furniture upholstery service like Dream Design Furniture & Upholstery and plan your seat restoration today. You can do this for your sofas, dining seats, ottomans, arm chairs and any other padded furniture you have.


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