How to Choose the Best New Mattress

Posted on: 25 May 2016

A good mattress is key to getting your rest every night, as an old, lumpy, uncomfortable mattress can cause you to toss and turn, trying to get comfortable, and then wake up with aches and pains. Because mattresses are often expensive, you want to consider your choices carefully so you know you get one that will work for your body in particular. Note a few things to keep in mind when you're ready to shop for a new Sealy mattress.

1. Pillow top

If you're lightweight, a pillow top mattress might mean too much cushioning and separation between your body and the mattress itself, so that you aren't actually supported by the mattress. You might then wake up feeling stiff and uncomfortable. On the other hand, those who are carrying extra body weight might need the added cushioning and especially as they turn in the night; the pillow top will absorb some of their movement so they aren't as disturbed while sleeping.

2. Firm versus medium firm

People often assume that a firm mattress will give their back more support, but this isn't actually the case. A mattress needs to conform to the contours of your back, including how your lower back curves in and your buttocks curve out. A firm mattress might simply push against your lower back and buttocks so that it's actually very uncomfortable and not very supportive. A medium firm mattress with a slight bit of "give" can conform to your body's shape more readily and, in turn, actually offer more support overall.

3. Adjustable

An adjustable bed and mattress can be preferred by those with digestive disorders such as acid reflux disease; raising the upper part even just a slight bit can keep acids in the stomach rather than allowing them to regurgitate back up the esophagus. Being able to raise the lower part of the bed can mean reducing swelling of the ankles and lower legs if you stand on your feet all day, and it can also help improve circulation for those with diabetes and other such disorders. Rather than trying to put something under the bed frame to adjust its height, invest in an adjustable bed and mattress for maximum control and comfort.

4. Size

Don't overlook the importance of the width of a mattress, especially if you sleep with someone else. It can be very comfortable to stretch your legs up and out while you sleep, or to be able to move your arms freely when you turn during the night. Choosing a narrow mattress just to save money can mean feeling cramped and crowded at night, and this too can interfere with sleep.


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