Three Key Things to Consider When Looking for New Kitchen Cabinets

Posted on: 27 October 2016

No kitchen remodelling project is complete without upgrading the cabinets and their accessories. Installing new cabinets can improve the kitchen's appearance and functionality by creating more storage space. It is also a chance to incorporate your personal style in your kitchen cabinets and make suitable changes to elements that you found displeasing with the previous cabinets. As many people get caught up in kitchen remodelling projects, they often forget to address some vital cabinetry details which can affect the overall look of the kitchen. Here are the main things that you should have in mind when making new cabinets for your kitchen.

Quality materials

Kitchen remodelling projects can be costly, and it is important to ensure that you get quality furniture, fixtures, and accessories that will last a lifetime. Kitchen cabinets are usually made from wood and wood products, but this doesn't mean that their quality is similar. There are various grades of wood with different properties, durability, and strength. If you go for wood, ensure that it is a quality hardwood that's properly dried and treated to protect it from moisture. When using plywood or plyboard, make sure that it is furniture grade and that it has a high resistance to moisture. The joinery fixtures used should be durable and of high quality as well.

Proper choice of colours

The colour chosen for kitchen cabinets can determine the look and feel of the entire kitchen. In fact, you can use kitchen cabinets as the focal point or statement feature in the kitchen. When choosing the ideal colour, assess other fixtures in the kitchen such as the countertops, their colours and how they flow and complement each other. Do they take a contemporary or traditional style? Once you determine this, look at the colour shades which can complement the existing fixtures and settle with the ideal one.

You can never go wrong with white when it comes to adding cabinets in a contemporary kitchen style. If you find it hard to choose, go for white, grey, or cream shades. Earth colours such as browns are also quite common and can be used in a traditional or modern kitchen style. If you wish for the cabinets stand out, you can explore other bold colours such as blue, green, and orange shades.

Cabinet accessories

Gone are the days when cabinets had a standard drawer style with minimal accessories. Today, home owners are exploring various accessories to make their kitchen cabinets cheek and more functional. Such, consider things like spice drawers, wine glass holders and wine racks, roll-out and corner shelves and more. Make sure that the accessories you choose match the style of the cabinets to create a smooth flow.

Have these factors in mind when choosing cabinets so that you can get durable, functional, and aesthetically appealing fixtures in your kitchen.


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