4 Considerations for Choosing Apartment Wall Frames for Pictures and Artworks

Posted on: 12 September 2019

Pictures and art frames are borders on images that exhibit, protect, complement or enhance the portraits. Homeowners have a wide range of wall frames to choose from, including wood, plastic, silver, aluminium and bronze. The frames are also available in different shapes such as rectangular, circular and elliptical. Some of the things you can frame are artworks, photographs, mirrors and special documents such as certificates. Frames come in different sizes, such as large wall frames covering an entire wall section or small variants the size of a matchbox. Here are some considerations for choosing apartment wall frames for pictures and artwork.

The Basics

Some apartment owners end up spending eternity searching for the perfect art piece suitable for a specific wall section. However, experts recommend choosing the art you love even if it does not match the interior style of your home. This is because the frame that you select can bridge the gap between the wall and art. Mounting a frame with the correct colour scheme can bring out the unique link between a wall and the rest of the room. 

Framing for the Long Term

To preserve your pictures or artwork over time, use acid-free matting material with a dust cover at the back. Conventionally, you will find a glass layer on the front of a wall frame. However, acyclic is preferred for artwork because it is lightweight and shatterproof. Acrylic is also more resistant to scratches compared to other materials. A good rule of thumb is to use a material that is treated to protect your precious images from harmful UV rays from the sun.

Fixture and Fittings

In every home, fixture and fittings influence the colour choice of the wall frame. Also, fixtures dictate the style of frame to install on a wall. For example, if your bathroom and kitchen have chrome and silver fixtures and fittings, such as sinks and countertops, you might have to stay away from silver frames. The reason is that you will end up with too much colour that can leave the entire room looking monotonous and odd. Instead, you can achieve some contrast if you opt for bullet grey metal or brass frames. 

Image Size

The size of the image you are framing will have a bearing on the choice of the wall frame. Primarily, small pictures and artwork go well with thinner frames, while thick wall frames are suitable for larger images. A slim frame does not overwhelm a small image, while thick frames accentuate larger artwork and pictures. Narrow frames emphasize the photos, whereas a sizeable ornate wall frame draws attention to itself and, hence, becomes a different part of the picture. 


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