Reasons To Decorate Your Patio With Wicker Furniture

Posted on: 16 July 2020

So that you can lounge around your patio and enjoy the setting, it's essential to decorate it with comfortable and attractive furniture. One ideal option is wicker — consider the following reasons to go with wicker furniture.

Natural Look

Outdoor furniture should complement the organic landscape rather than looking out of place. For this reason, wicker furniture makes perfect sense. Whether a natural raw timber stain or painted white or other colours, its softly weaved surface mimics textures in nature, like grass and bark, so that it fits in perfectly. 

Lightweight And Moveable

For a patio, you'll want to move the furniture around in various ways. You might want to change the layout to refresh the look or move a seat to catch the sunlight so that you can bask in its warmth. Alternatively, you might be having a party or want to store the furniture in the garage for winter. Thus, outdoor furniture should be lightweight and moveable. The woven nature of wicker, often coupled with lightweight aluminium frames, means that you can easily and quickly rearrange or relocate the pieces however you wish. Other outdoor furniture materials, such as teak or solid timber, are more unwieldy and might need several people to shift.


Once you purchase the furniture, you probably don't want to replace it regularly. You'll want something that lasts. Wicker fares well on this score, being extremely durable. Woven wicker furniture typically uses strands made from rattan, bamboo, willow, and reed, or else manufactured vinyl or other plastics. All of these are resilient and long-lasting. Out of natural elements, rattan is waterproof and particularly sturdy, while engineered products are explicitly built to last. 

The wicker covers a frame that consists of something else. Aluminium is popular. It never rusts, and though it can oxidise over time, this doesn't affect its integrity or strength. In any case, some metal frames have a powder-coated layer of paint that provides a hard, protective finish. While steel and wood can also make good frames, aluminium can better cope with being out in the rain.

Design Options

Wicker provides plenty of design options in colours and furniture styles so that you can blend it with your home aesthetic. One thing to note is that the woven wicker strands can vary and be round or flat. Narrow, round strands create solid furniture pieces as the wicker is denser. Each weave gives a slightly different look.  


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