4 Key Considerations to Bear in Mind When Buying an Adjustable Bed

Posted on: 23 February 2021

Adjustable beds enable different sitting and sleeping positions. Therefore, the likelihood of suffering from back pains is reduced significantly. Although adjustable beds have increasingly become accessible and affordable to many consumers, they are still a significant investment. Therefore, you must first assess your needs and preferences to avoid buyer remorse. With various brands, new designs and plenty of features, consumers may find themselves spoilt for choice. Here are some key considerations to bear in mind when buying an adjustable bed.


Adjustable beds offer the ability to tweak and control sleeping positions, which helps achieve quality sleep. You are also less likely to snore when sleeping on an adjustable bed since airways are not obstructed in certain sleeping positions. In addition, the beds are better suited for relieving body soreness. Most importantly, an adjustable bed has different lumbar settings to support your body in different sleeping, reading or massaging positions. 


You should pay great attention to how an adjustable bed is designed. Since they can be costly, you should sample different adjustable beds to get the best-engineered unit. Find out if a bed adjusts quickly on command or whether the motion is smooth or jerky. Does the bed make much noise when shifting in different positions? High-quality bed motors enable a well-designed bed to move smoothly and quietly. Besides, inspect an adjustable bed for solid materials, overall sturdiness and smooth seams and edges. 

Installation and Built-in Features

Many adjustable beds come equipped with built-in features, such as timers, smartphone control support, variable massage levels and customised lumbar areas. It will help if you familiarise yourself with all the features and settings before investing in an adjustable bed. If you are buying a ready-to-assemble unit, make sure that a store attendant shows you how to assemble and disassemble the bed. The instructions for assembling, disassembling and operating an adjustable bed should be easy to understand, particularly when you need to move it into another room. 

Split Adjustable Feature

If you share your bed with another person, it is essential to consider their well-being. In this sense, a split adjustable bed might suit the purpose because it supports the independent movement of both sides of the bed. Note that you may need to buy a twin mattress with separate domains for a split adjustable bed. Remember to choose a split adjustable bed with two remotes for independent adjustment according to user preference and needs. 

Contact a company that supplies adjustable beds for more information.


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