2 Mattress Features That Help You Sleep More Comfortably at Night

Posted on: 6 October 2021

Lately, you may have realised that you are not getting the right amount of sleep or the quality that you need to function during the day. Because of this inability to get a restful night's sleep, you may have decided that it is time to purchase a new mattress.

However, with so many options and features available, you may be having difficulty making a selection. If so, look for the features discussed below to help you get started with making your decision when picking out a new mattress for your bed.

1.  Combination of Foam and Latex Materials To Support Your Body's Pressure Points

One feature you should look for when searching for a new mattress is a combination of foam and latex materials that are properly layered and positioned to ensure proper support for your body. In particular, the mattress should be able to keep you comfortable while providing enough support for your body's pressure points, such as your hips, shoulder, and feet.

When these points along your body are properly supported, your body is kept in alignment, which helps to reduce strain. Especially if you have lower back pain, you can find combinations that reinforce the lumbar region of your back to help keep it straight and supported during the night.

2.  Outer Compression Tufted Surface Made From Wicking Material To Minimise Motion and Moisture

Along with a layered combination of materials, another feature that may interest you when choosing a bed is an outer compression tufted surface. This type of design helps to strengthen the surface to keep it stable as well as to keep small movements that you make during the nights from shifting the bed and waking up either you or your partner.

On top of this tufted design, look for a surface material that has moisture-wicking properties. The fibres in this type of material will pull sweat off of your skin to keep your body dryer, cooler, and more comfortable.

When choosing a mattress, selecting one that has the right materials to support your body while helping to minimise moisture and the impact of weight and movement can help the mattress keep you more comfortable and sleeping better. If you still need information about features and need help with making a final selection, speak with a representative at a furniture store that sells mattresses, such as AH Beard mattresses, for personalised assistance with choosing the right one for your needs.


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