4 Reasons to Choose Synthetic Vs. Natural Wicker For Outdoor Furniture

Posted on: 14 August 2023

Most people are familiar with wicker furniture, but far fewer know it can be made from synthetic as well as natural materials. Wicker isn't actually a material — instead, it's a type of woven design. This means it can be made from natural materials, such as rattan and bamboo, as well as synthetic materials, such as PVC and nylon.

Natural wicker furniture can be great, but synthetic wicker also has a wide range of benefits that make it an especially good choice for outside furniture. Here are just four such benefits.

1. Handles the Weather

Natural wicker furniture is generally best kept inside. It will start to fade when left out in the sun, and it will also become dry and brittle as time passes. This can cause it to crack, which means the weave will unravel. Natural wicker also tends to cope poorly with wet or humid conditions.

In contrast, synthetic wicker furniture can put up with any type of weather. It's made with UV inhibitors to prevent fading in the sun, and it won't crack when left in the heat. It's also fine to leave out in the rain.

2. Resists Pests

It isn't just the weather you need to worry about when natural wicker furniture is left outside. You'll also need to account for insects and other small pests since they can damage natural materials. This isn't just a problem for the furniture itself — if that furniture attracts any such pests, they may easily spread to the rest of your property.

Luckily enough, synthetic materials won't attract them and cannot be damaged by them, so this doesn't need to be a concern.

3. Cleans Easily

However careful you are to protect your outdoor furniture, it is going to require regular cleaning. This can be tricky when you choose natural wicker furniture since it can be damaged by certain cleaning agents and cannot simply be rubbed down with water. Synthetic wicker makes things much easier. Whether it gets covered in dust or becomes a victim of falling bird droppings, all you'll need to do is quickly wipe or even hose it down.

4. Less Expensive

Regardless of whether you're looking at indoor or outdoor furniture, it's always worth taking the price into account. However, price tends to be more of a factor when considering outdoor furniture since most people are less willing to store anything valuable outside their home. Here again, synthetic wicker furniture comes out ahead. As a general rule, you'll find that synthetic wicker is far more affordable than natural wicker.

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